Beard and mustache transplantation is a preferred operation like hair transplantation, especially in recent years. Problems may arise in the beard, which is one of the indispensable accessories for the aesthetic appearance of men, either congenitally or later due to an external factor. Since these problems create psychological pressures on people, they create a source for other problems in work, family, or social life. Problems that may occur due to the fact that beards are in profile and directly affect our appearance continue to negatively affect people's lives. For regional gaps or sparse appearance in the beard, beard transplant operation offers definitive solutions.


In beard and mustache transplantation, the procedure is similar to hair transplantation methods. The grafts taken with the help of a micromotor from the nape of the neck, called the donor area, are transferred to the needed areas within the planning to be made. Graft selection is of great importance in beard and mustache transplantation. If the graft selection is not done well, an unnatural image emerges. Although beards are hard in structure, they usually have a single root structure. For this reason, especially single hair follicles are transplanted. If an effective plan is made during the planning stage, where the beard directions and frequency are determined, the person can have beards that are no different from their natural beards with beard transplantation. After a 7-8 hour operation, the person can easily have dense and bushy beards in natural appearance. FUE and DHI methods are used in beard and mustache transplantation. Your doctor will decide which method is suitable for you.