The most important features of the hair transplantation process performed in this technique, which is also called Direct Hair Implant (DHI), is that it is applied without incisions and does not leave any traces. In DHI hair transplantation technique, channel opening is not performed in the area where hair transplantation is planned, as in FUE hair transplantation. DHI hair transplant is an implant operation. The DHI method is a method related to how the grafts are planted. During the hair transplantation process, medical pens that we call the fine-tipped choi-pen, which are specially produced for hair transplantation, are used. Hair follicles are taken from the back (nape) part of the head, known as the donor area. The hair follicles obtained are much healthier as they are removed in a short time. Therefore, a more lush and natural hair appearance is provided. Since we use a painless anesthesia device in the DHI method, as in all our operations, pain and ache are not felt before and after the operation. It is especially preferred for compacting, front-line editing and condensation. It is often preferred by women as it can be done without shaving.


DHI hair transplantation method is a method about how grafts are planted. As in the FUE method, grafts are taken with biopsy needles called punches by micromotor. After the grafts are taken, while they are kept in a protective solution, the planting process is started at the same time. Grafts are placed one by one in medical pens called choi-pen or implanter pen, which are suitable for use by specialists. Since the transplantation is done one by one, the grafts are planted as often as possible. It is easier to apply to hairy but sparse areas. Since no incision/channel is opened, healing takes place faster. The biggest advantage of the DHI method is the density provided in the hair as a result of transplanting the grafts taken from the donor area one by one. Optionally, transplantation can be done without shaving with the DHI method. After the transplantation is over, the donor area is dressed and bandaged. The DHI method is a one-day operation. It takes an average of 6-8 hours depending on the area to be planted. Since the operation is performed with local anesthesia, it does not require the patient to stay in the hospital. After the application, the patients are discharged on the same day after the necessary controls are made.


• It is possible to say that DHI hair transplantation offers a much more advanced technology at the beginning of its advantages. DHI allows to place the grafts in a short time since no channel/incision is opened in the transplantation area in hair transplantation.
• The risk of bleeding is minimized as the operation area is smaller in size.
• Since no channel/incision is opened in the transplantation area in DHI hair transplantation, the healing of the transplantation area occurs faster.
• In DHI hair transplantation, the hairy area is protected.
• Since it is easy to apply without shaving, you can continue your daily life comfortably.
• Since the incision/channel is not opened, the risk of bleeding and edema are minimized.
• By reducing the time the hair follicles stay out of the tissue, it ensures a healthier and higher quality planting.