Frequently Asked Questions

How should a good hair transplant be?

Especially if the directions of the channels where the hair follicles will be placed are opened in the direction of the growth of the person’s previous hair and at the angle of emergence, the transplanted hair looks natural. In addition, the front hairline is planned in a recessed way and when single roots are used along the front 1-2 rows, the result will be extremely close to natural. In addition, the roots should be collected with the thinnest micromotor tips possible.

What should I pay attention to before hair transplantation?

People who will have hair transplantation with the FUE technique, knowing that their hair will be shortened by 0.3 mm, should take permission from their work or social environment accordingly. Alcohol 3 days before hair transplantation, blood thinning aspirin drugs should not be taken 7-10 days before the operation. It is recommended that you come to the hair transplant by wearing clothes with buttons on the front. It is recommended to wear shirts, vests, jackets or, wide-necked clothes are recommended that. The process is completed in a single session on the same day.

Will I use medication after hair transplantation?

We recommend using antibiotic tablets (5 days) and swelling reducing tablets (3 days) as a precautionary measure to prevent infection after hair transplantation. You only need to take the pain reliever tablet once or twice after the procedure.

What should I pay attention to after hair transplantation?

Your doctor will tell you in detail what you need to pay attention to after the operation and it will be included in the file you have given in writing.

How should I be fed after hair transplantation?

We recommend that you continue with your normal diet. A low-salt diet can help prevent excessive swelling.

How long should I protect my head after hair transplantation?

The first 10 days are very important. You should protect the transplanted area against impacts and impacts. Because newly transplanted hair follicles are very sensitive.

When can I do sports after hair transplantation?

After two weeks, you can do non-heavy sports (such as walking, jogging). After six weeks, you can lift weights and play football (provided you don’t head the ball).

When can I have a haircut after hair transplantation?

In order to correct the hair length difference between the donor area and the transplanted area, your donor area can be shaved 3 weeks after the procedure, and your hair in the transplanted area can be shaved with scissors one month after the transplant. Scraping is not recommended for six months.

When will my transplanted hair start to grow?

It starts to grow 1.5 months after sowing, but not all of the transplanted hair comes out at the same time. After three or four months, your new hair starts to appear noticeably. It takes 9 to 12 months for all of them to come out.

When is the earliest I can have a second hair transplant operation?

A second sowing can be done after 6-7 months at the earliest. We still recommend our patients to wait 1 year. Because it takes its final form in a year at the earliest, and it takes a year for the hair to grow efficiently, especially in the crown area. In addition, the donor area fully recovers itself in one year.

What should be the expectation in hair transplantation?

Expectations should be realistic in hair transplantation. It is essential to provide a parallelism between the expectation of our patient and the appearance to be obtained. For this reason, the photos of the patients who have previously been transplanted and the number of grafts transplanted should be clearly stated to the person who will have hair transplantation, and the factors related to the person (hair color, hair fiber thickness, amount of opening, etc.) should be discussed in detail.

It is necessary to reach a joint decision between the doctor who will transplant and the person who will have the transplant, about how the procedure and the result will be.

When can I return to work after hair transplantation?

We call the appropriate time 1 week, but this decision is entirely up to you. By hiding the planting area with the help of a hat, you can continue your work even the day after planting.

What should I do if my existing hair falls out after hair transplantation, not the transplanted ones?

If your hair is going to fall out genetically, there is obviously not much to do. You can reduce your hair loss with only a number of FDA approved products that delay shedding. Minoxil, etc., which we recommend to use after hair transplantation. There are lotions. In addition, hair mesotherapy and PRP can be applied as supportive treatment. However, it is not possible to stop hair loss with these treatments.