Tummy Tuck

Abdominal stretching operations are needed for reasons such as sagging, cracks and lubrication caused by cesarean section, pregnancy and constant weight gain.

Abdominoplasty is performed for problems such as excess fat in the abdomen, excess skin, sagging. In the operation, excess skin is removed, the skin is stretched, and a smooth appearance is achieved. The appearance of sagging skin disappears, excess fat is removed and especially the cracks under the belly button are eliminated.

In addition to the general interventions to eliminate the deformation in the abdomen and underbelly region, if the lubrication and sagging occur only in the region below the belly button, then the mini tummy tuck operation may be sufficient.

Vaser Liposuction device is used in our organization. The duration of the operation is 3-5 hours, depending on the technique and scope of the operation. The person can stand up 4 hours after the operation, and is discharged 2 days later.

Tummy Tuck

Patients are advised to wear a special corset after tummy tuck surgery. Thanks to this corset, which is worn continuously for about 1 month, the abdominal region reaches the desired form and the efficiency of the operation increases. You can get up and walk about 3-4 hours after the operation with the help of someone. On the next day of the surgery, you can start walking slowly without any support. Due to the procedures and stitches applied to the abdomen during the operation, there may be pain for a short time.

If you feel good and do not work in heavy conditions, you can return to work in about 7-10 days. The information we have provided is valid for all tummy tuck surgeries.

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Hair Transplant

The process of transferring healthy hair follicles to areas where the hair follicle is no longer active and where balding occurs, using microsurgical methods is called hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution to the problem of thinning and baldness in people who experience hair loss or hair loss.

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hair; genetic reasons, smoking, stress, vitamin deficiency, hormone disorders, etc. Hair loss can be observed for reasons. In cases where hair transplantation is not considered necessary, medical hair treatments are applied to nourish and strengthen the hair.

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